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You may not spend much time thinking about the roof of your Michigan industrial building, school, hospital, retail facility, warehouse, or office building, but you know it’s at the center of everything you do. Your commercial roof shields your building from turbulent weather, paves the way for a more energy-efficient way of doing business, and keeps all your employees and customers safe.
It only makes sense that you’re committed to ensuring you have the best roofing solution. After all, your roof doesn’t need to be functional, but also flat-out fantastic.
Want to “level” the playing field and raise the roof? You’ll need an experienced flat roof contractor on your side. Original Roofing Company has you covered. From installations to roof inspections and repairs, our roofers proudly serve the Michigan business community with roofing services you can trust.

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Our Flat Roofing Systems

Doing business in Michigan can be unpredictable — and the weather tends to add an extra dose of turbulence to the mix! Amid this whirlwind of uncertainty, you should always be able to count on your flat roofing system to protect your building and everything within.

Commercial flat roofing is expansive with complex features. It should not only be lightweight but also resistant to turbulent weather, fire, pollution, and UV exposure. It should also prepared to
handle the professionals who may have to access the roof.

Original Roofing Company’s team of flat roofing pros have extensive experience in installing and maintaining a variety of flat roofing systems.

Whether all you need is a trustworthy roofing company in Grand Rapids, MI, or you’re a little further afield, we serve the entire state of Michigan. Our roofers will help you select the roofing material that best aligns with your goals, and flawlessly install your new roof so it can protect what matters most for years to come.

TPO single-ply membranes are one of the most widely chosen commercial roofing materials in Michigan and beyond. These “cool roofs” are incredibly energy-efficient, lightweight, and weather-proof. TPO roofing is easy to install and durable, and, best of all, it’s among the most affordable commercial roofing options around.
High-quality EPDM roofing isn’t only extremely robust, with an expected lifespan of 30 years or more, but the fact that these roofing sheets are recyclable also makes them an environmentally friendly choice. This robust, weather-resistant flat roofing material does require regular maintenance — but Original Roofing Company can help you with that, too!
PVC roofing membranes have been popular since the 1960s, and these single-ply commercial roofing systems remain one of the most reliable options for low-sloped roofs. Durable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and easy to install, PVC roofing isn’t phased by storms or UV rays.
If you choose built-up roofing for your Michigan commercial building, our skilled roofers install it in layers, with strengthened materials that place a premium on durability. These affordable flat roofing systems can serve you well for over 40 years.
Did you know that adding a commercial roof coating to your flat roofing system can significantly extend your roof’s lifespan while making your Michigan commercial building more energy-efficient? If you’re hoping to avoid costly tear-offs and roof replacements, a reflective commercial roof coating may be just what you need.


What to Consider When Choosing a Flat Roof System in Michigan

Are you looking into the best flat roofing options for your commercial building in Michigan? If we had to choose just one important point to highlight, it would be this — one size never fits all.

All the flat commercial roof systems we install and maintain have distinct advantages as well as some drawbacks. To make the right choice, it’s essential to think about your unique goals and priorities.

The nature of your building.

The exact location and purpose of your Michigan commercial building determines what kinds of threats your roof may face.


Budgetary constraints inevitably factor in when you decide on a flat roofing material, but it’s crucial to consider a roof’s estimated lifespan alongside its upfront cost.

Maintenance needs.

All flat roofing systems need to be maintained regularly, but some are hardier in the face of mild neglect.

Environmental factors.

The roofing system you pick has the potential to improve your carbon footprint, slash your energy costs, and make your building more comfortable. Likewise, you may want to think about the recyclability of each roofing system.

Are you feeling lost?

You can’t make an informed decision without information — and we can always help you out in that department! You’re very welcome to ask us all the questions you have, and our recommendations will always have your goals and priorities in mind.


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As a full-service commercial roofing contractor in Michigan, we cater to all the services you may require over the course of your flat roof’s life cycle. We offer:

No matter how small or big the job at hand, our experienced roofing team promises outstanding service every time. After all, your flat roof is more than an investment to protect. It’s at the center of all your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future — and you need to count on your flat roof to protect your commercial building at all times.

Our family-owned flat roof company is on a mission to make sure every Michigan business has a sturdy, durable, and reliable roof. We believe in open communication and fair pricing, but above all, we believe in excellence. That’s why our licensed and insured roofing company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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