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If you’re a new home or property owner, and if this is your first time ever thinking about the roof over your head, then you don’t have to go in blind! Our Frequently Asked Questions page is here to assuage your concerns and give you the tools you need to prepare for your first roofing project with Original Roofing Company.

As always, if you have any further questions that aren’t listed here, give us a call or fill out our online form. Our service team is ready to hear from you anytime.

Insurance Claims

Homeowners insurance is designed to offer protection in case of loss or damage to your home. When an event occurs that affects the condition of your property, your insurance company is responsible for restoring the property back to its original, “pre-loss” condition.
Your out-of-pocket cost for your new roof will be your deductible, which is the “co-pay” on your policy for coverage. Your insurance company will cover the rest of the cost of the roof replacement.
No. Damage to your home caused by storms is what insurance companies refer to as an “act of God.” These are unexpected events that the policyholder cannot control or prevent, and as a result, will not impact your premium.
No. Regardless of the age of your roof, your insurance company will cover the replacement of your roof with modern materials and costs (unlike buying a used car in the event of an auto accident, you cannot go to the store and buy a 20-year-old roof).
Generally, we are able to secure approval from your insurance company to replace your roof within a few weeks of the claim being started. Once we have your approval, you will select the shingles you’d like us to install. From that point in time, we run about four weeks out until we install your roof. Most roof installations take our team just one day to complete. End-to-end, you can expect this process to take about six to eight weeks total.

We will provide a complimentary roof evaluation to determine the extent to which any storm damage exists. Based on what we find, we’ll let you know whether or not it makes sense to start a claim.

If we recommend moving forward, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions for how to start your claim, as well as answers to common questions your home insurance will ask, including:

  1. What type of damage do you have?
  2. When did the damage occur?
  3. How do you know you have this type of damage?


When you initiate your claim, your insurance company will provide you with a claim number.

Your insurance company will assign your claim to an adjuster who will call you within a week of filing your claim to schedule an in-person inspection. You can let them know you are working with Original Roofing Company and ask them to contact your representative to schedule their inspection.

We will meet with your adjuster and inspect the roof with them. We will point out areas of concern and discuss the reasons why your roof needs to be replaced. Your adjuster will take photos and review the inspection findings to ultimately determine if they will approve replacing the roof.

When your roof is approved for replacement, your adjuster will email you a copy of their approved estimate. This is the work order we use to replace your roof. Share this document with your Original Roofing Company representative. They will review it to ensure accuracy and correct coverage.

You will work with your Original Roofing Company representative to select shingles for your roof. Once selected, your project will be placed in our queue for scheduling.

Roofing Services

Our headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but we cover the entire state of Michigan with teams that manage their local areas.

We’re pleased to offer a range of roofing services such as roof repair, roof replacement, emergency roofing, and storm damage restoration. We’re also well-equipped with insurance claims assistance, having helped thousands of homeowners resolve their claims successfully. Contact us for a FREE roof inspection and estimate, and we’d be glad to talk about future projects with you.

The importance of regular roof inspections can’t be overstated! All of our assessments are conducted to the highest quality standards, both according to industry laws and our own personal code—no shingle is left unturned! Here’s a quick look at what happens after you call us for a free, no-hassle inspection:

  • We’ll check every aspect of your roof—shingles, flashing, valleys, ridges, drip edges, vents, and gutters—from the ground and on the roof.
  • After the roof inspection, our team prepares a full report documenting the condition of your roof, with a free quote included, of course.
  • If it looks like you’ll need roof repairs, our team will be on hand to walk you through your options and answer all your questions. We can schedule the roof repair work immediately after you decide how to move forward.

Yes! Emergency/storm damage roofing repairs and replacements are our bread and butter. We can be in your Michigan neighborhood to conduct post-storm inspections and roof maintenance ASAP. Just give us a call and we’ll be ready to help you and your community.

Yes. The secret to a long-lasting roof is a solid maintenance routine. We’d love to help you set up a schedule and keep your roof in working order. We’ll also share handy tips and tricks on how to keep it in shape throughout the seasons.

Residential Roofing

ALWAYS find a trustworthy, dependable, reliable roofing contractor local to your area. Compare their residential roofing services with those of other roofers, and read their reviews. Most—if not all—roofing contractors offer free estimates, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of that! After an assessment, roofers—especially ours at Original Roofing Company—will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have. Having a new roof installed is a serious commitment, so you want to do as much research as possible.

Original Roofing Company works with: shingle roofing, metal roofing, cedar roofing, and tile and slate roofing. Ask us about the possibility of installing a TPO membrane for your residential home, too!

There’s unfortunately no one-size-fits-all answer to this; it all comes down to the dimensions of your roof, its state of disrepair (if any), and what materials will need to be used (for example, replacing asphalt shingles may take less time than installing brand new terracotta roof tiles). A full roof replacement for an average-sized American home (~2,000ft²) may take as little as 24 hours to complete. Other projects may take up to a few days longer; an estimate can be provided after your initial free inspection.
All of the materials we install come with a lifetime manufacturer-backed warranty. Stay protected knowing any materials will be replaced or repaired in the event of certain types of damage for years to come!
YES! Our team is your prime choice for insurance claims assistance, for both residential and commercial properties alike. You won’t find a more comprehensive service in the state of Michigan; we have over 25+ years of combined experience in insurance claims handling and have settled over 1,000+ claims for our homeowners. Ask us how to move forward with your insurance carrier today.

Commercial Roofing

Our solutions run the gamut from flat roofing systems and single-ply roofing (including TPO, PVC, and EPDM) to built-up roofing. We also work with aluminum in the form of max rib/rib style panels, 5V style panels, and standing seam style panels. We even offer select roof coatings for your perusal, so let us know what you’re looking for for your business and we’ll advise you on the next steps to take.

Keeping your commercial roofing system in top shape is just as important as keeping your residential roof sturdy and protected. This includes having a regular maintenance schedule, which Original Roofing Company can help you plan and oversee.

Just like with residential roofing—this is a resounding YES. Our team will identify all storm-related damage on your commercial roof, ensuring you receive complete restoration solutions and compensation from your insurance carrier.

Yes! Our team has the training, resources, and products that many contractors simply don’t have when it comes to large-scale commercial projects. Our contractors are skilled in maintaining and repairing many types of commercial roofing, no matter their size—so give us a call if you’re unsure. We’d be more than happy to chat and find solutions for your business—together.


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