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Your Michigan home is your haven. It’s where comfort, warmth, and love come to life — and the roof over your head makes it all possible. If you’re getting ready to invest in a cedar roof replacement, cedar roofing stands out as a beautifully rustic choice.

Beloved since the 17th century, cedar roofing combines tradition with green innovation. In Michigan, where majestic cedar trees are part of the landscape, choosing cedar roofing doesn’t just mean choosing beauty. It’s also a commitment to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you are exploring cedar roofing options for your Michigan home, you may notice that not every local cedar roofing company installs wooden shakes and shingles. At Original Roofing Company, we proudly install beautiful, durable cedar roofing — and we’d be thrilled to transform your home.

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Why Consider Cedar Roofing for Your Michigan Home?

A new roof isn’t only a major investment, but also a long-term commitment. After all, your roof will protect and adorn your Michigan home for decades to come — and you want to get it right. It may only take one look at a stunning cedar roof to fall in love with this natural roofing material, but its beauty isn’t the only thing that sets cedar apart. Here’s why cedar roofing is one of the fastest-growing trends in residential roofing in Michigan!


Cedar Roofing Is Robust and Durable

Cedar shakes and shingles are luxury siding and roofing choices that require regular maintenance and cleaning. When a cedar roof is well-cared for, it can serve your Michigan home well for anywhere from 20 to 40 years — exceeding the lifespan of asphalt shingles.

Would you be surprised if we said that weather conditions don’t need to impact your cedar roof’s lifespan negatively? When installed by skilled and experienced roofers, cedar roofing will serve you well across all seasons — even in turbulent weather.


Cedar Roofing Is Stunning, Warm, and Rustic

One thing is clear — if you opt for cedar roofing, you’ll never drive up to your garage without admiring your roof. Cedar roofing is breathtaking without being obtrusive, and your roof will quickly become the centerpiece of your home’s architectural appeal. Cedar shingles are available in a range of designs, allowing you to choose the look that best matches your vision for your Michigan home.


Cedar Roofing Is Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Wooden roofing materials are outstanding insulators. Michigan homeowners who dream of a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient home can count on their cedar roofs to retain heat in winter and help keep their homes cool in summer. Not only can cedar roofing reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also look forward to reduced energy bills. Of course, cedar wood is biodegradable, making it a sustainable roofing choice.


A Look at Our Process

Because cedar shakes or shingles are completely natural, these roofing materials are not as uniform as asphalt shingles, interlocking concrete tiles, or metal roofing panels. Installing cedar shingles or shakes requires an experienced, skilled hand to ensure each shingle is aligned properly and fits snugly — a little like a puzzle!

At Original Roofing Company, we have hundreds of beautifully completed cedar roofing projects under our belt. As a Grand Rapids roofing company, our local teams cover the entire state of Michigan. If you choose us for your roof replacement and installation, here’s what to expect from the process.


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Contact our friendly roofing team via phone or by email. We’ll schedule an initial roof inspection right away.

Inspection day

The road to your roof replacement begins with a detailed inspection. You’ll have a chance to ask our skilled roofing pros all your burning questions, and we’ll lay out all of your cedar roofing options on the same day.


Once we enter the planning stage, we’ll help you pick out the cedar roofing that best fits your desired look, and lay the groundwork for your new roof — including building permits.

Preparing the job site

Large objects must be moved out of the way to secure the job site, and we’ll cordon off the area to establish a perimeter that protects you and your property.

Tear-off and installation

Your old roof has to be torn off before we can get to work on laying the sheathing and installing your beautiful new cedar roof — and you’ll be able to watch your new roof come to life!

Final inspection and clean up

A thorough final assessment ensures that your new roof is flawless and ready to protect your property for the next few decades.
We know that having roofers underfoot can be a little stressful, but Original Roofing Company is committed to taking the hassle out of your roof replacement. We’ll do our best to minimize any disruptions to your daily life, and we’ll always treat your Michigan property with the same respect and care we give our own. From that initial inspection to the final cleanup work, we’re on a mission to make sure you’re completely satisfied.


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Whether you’re getting ready to invest in a beautiful cedar roof, you need an annual roof inspection, or you suspect you need cedar roof repair, our experienced team of roofers is at your service. Original Roofing Company is a local, family-owned cedar roof installation company with decades of experience in the field. We’re passionate about bringing innovative green roofing choices to the communities we serve.

Do you dream of a rustic roof that adds natural warmth and beauty to your Michigan home while reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint? Get in touch with our experienced team of Michigan roofers today! We’re here to answer all your burning questions, and when you’re ready, we’ll roll out to offer you a free consultation.


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