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There’s a reason we talk about having a “roof over our heads.” Your roof is so much more than a job well done — it lies at the heart of your family’s life. When you need a friendly roofing crew in Michigan, you can count on Original Roofing Company to give your home or commercial building the attention it deserves. We’re not just professionals. We’re also family, and we’re proud to serve the local community.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, we’re passionate about delivering quality you can trust and taking the hassle out of your roofing project. Whether your home, condominium, homeowners association or business needs minor roof repairs, an inspection, or it’s time for a complete roof replacement, you deserve the best. We’d be honored to work with you to make sure your roof is in top shape to protect what matters most.

Learn more about areas in Michigan our team serves below. Never hesitate to reach out if you live just outside of them. We may be able to help you!


Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI, located in Kent County, is a dream come true for residents who love easy access to outdoor activities while being in close proximity to the amenities of a busy city — and it often is, until you’re faced with an unexpected roofing problem. When extreme weather damages your property, it’s easy to start panicking. That’s where we come in as your roofing superheroes.

Whether you live in Ada, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Charter Township, Plainfield, Cannonsburg, Rockford, Byron Center, Caledonia, or Hudsonville, or run a business in the area, Original Roofing Company is always ready to help with your roofing problems and restore your Grand Rapids property to its former glory.

Our Grand Rapids MI roofing contractors are available for emergency roof repairs from the word “go.” When your roof finally reaches the end of its life and it’s time for a complete roof replacement, we’re here to take your property into the future with a beautiful new roof.

Need residential or commercial roofing services in Grand Rapids? Pick up the phone or send us an email. We’re here to help!

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Come rain or shine, you deserve a sturdy and beautiful roof over your head in Michigan — and a proactive approach to roof maintenance is the best way to extend its life.

Have you noticed signs of roof damage, like leaks, loose shingles, or granules collecting in your gutters or by your downspouts? Did the weather do a number on your roof? Do you think it’s time for your aging roof to retire? Our team of passionate roofers will make sure the job at hand gets done right the first time.

When you contact Original Roofing Company, we’ll offer a free consultation at a time that suits you. From there, we can decide what’s next for your roof!




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